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V-Lite™ Composite Floor Panels

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The Perfect Subfloor Solution for Many Applications.

Made from 100% synthetic materials, V-Lite™ panels are impervious to water and will not warp, rot, swell or deform at nearly any level of moisture. That means V-Lite™ flooring will remain solid if exposed to water before the build, or after the sale.


Benefits of V-Lite™

  • Water Resistant - Minimizes Rot, Mildew, Swell and Will Not Absorb Moisture
  • Insect Resistant - Resistant to Ants, Termites, Moths, Bugs and Beetles
  • Formaldehyde-free - Contains No Formaldehyde
  • Lighter - Typically 20% - 50% lighter than traditional materials
  • Stronger - High Strength-To-Weight Ratio With Good Screw Retention
  • Insulative - V-Lite™ has a 7.4 R-factor Insulation Value
  • No Seams - An Entire Floor Can Be Made With One Solid Piece of V-Lite™
  • Tailored to Fit - High Manufacturing Tolerances Means Fast, Hassle-Free Installation
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V-Lite™ Composite Structural PanelsCall For Price -
V-Lite™ Composite Structural PanelsCall For Price -

V-Lite™ is an excellent material for use in the manufacturing of:

  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Commercial Trucks and Trailers
  • Boats
  • Marine Environments
  • Aircraft
  • Recreational Vehicles


Standard Thickness: 1" / 2.54 cm  (Custom thickness available.)

Width: Available up to 120" (10') / 304.8 cm (3.048 m)

R-factor: 7.4

Strength-to-Weight Ratio: High

Screw Retention: Good

Formadehyde Content: Zero