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Vixen Composites expands variety of FRP choices exclusively made for RV industry

ELKHART, Ind. — RV manufacturers now have some exciting new choices for FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) sidewall paneling, allowing for more innovative applications and finishes made specifically for RVs.

Last year, Vixen introduced FibroPlusat the National RV Trade Show. The high-strength wall covering stands up very well to competitive laminates in terms of less brittleness, scratch resistance, less water absorption, higher gloss and higher resistance to deformation. This year, it is joined by five more styles of FRP. These include “FibroFine™ for lighter weight; FibroGloss™ for high gloss; FibroGrip™ for high grip, non-skid uses; FibroTrans™ for translucent panels; and FibroPebble™ for a pebble finish.

“We’re very excited about what this new lineup means for us and for the industry,” said Gordon Frost, general manager of Vixen Composites. “These materials have been made exclusively for RVs through our partnership with an international company. They are made to withstand the kind of variables an RV can go through and still come out looking good.”

Frost explained that “some competitive FRP products use general purpose resins with lower fiberglass content and may sell thinner panels, while Vixen’s products are constructed of a proprietary blend of resins and manufactured using new curing technology.”

The result of this technology is an especially smooth surface. The finish is also highly resistant to oxidation and fading for lasting RV beauty and value. The special formulation also handles a wide range of daily and seasonal temperatures as well as the continuous vibrations and periodic shocks an RV has to handle on the road. It is also UV, mold and mildew resistant.

“This is tough stuff,” said Gordon. “And we don’t compromise its quality.” Minimum thicknesses for FibroPlus, FibroGrip, and FibroPebble start at 0.050”. FibroGloss has a minimum thickness of 0.060” and FibroFine, 0.045”.

“Just about all styles rank high in terms of dent and tear resistance, repairability, scratch and corrosion resistance and on the medium to light side on weight. We’ve really developed these products for what manufacturers are striving for in today’s RVs, said Gordon. “These are the first RV sidewall materials to approach automotive quality in terms of durability and appearance. They are new factors in RV innovation.”

For more information call Gordon Frost at 574-264-2699. Vixen FRP products will be part of the Dicor Corporation booth (North Wing Lobby, Hall 2A) during the National RV Trade Show in Louisville Dec. 3 to 5.

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