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Vixen Composites introduces quality, lightweight build solutions for RV construction

ELKHART, Ind. — Rapidly evolving RV technology from Vixen Composites is creating a variety of engineered composite structural panel solutions for RV manufacturing, providing a host of benefits that can greatly improve the integrity of today’s RV.

V-Lite composite structural panels are formaldehyde free and offer a stunning array of benefits, not only in terms of robust, lightweight material for floors and other structures, but also with high manufacturing tolerances for fast, hassle-free installation.

The synthetic core panels are up to 30 percent lighter than comparable material and less than half to almost one-quarter the weight of plywood. Along with being lighter weight, the synthetic core panels also have a high strength-to-weight ratio, are waterproof (no warping!), mold/mildew and rot resistant, and insect proof, with no glue lines and highly consistent performance.

Other structural panels are available with wood cores. Wood core panels provide good fastener retention, water resistant outer skin, no glue lines and are cost effective. All Vixen structural panels incorporate both chemical and mechanical bonding to provide increased strength, performance and durability.

The panels can be produced with a variety of core materials for precise applications, including plywood, particle board, OSB wood, lauan, balsa, honeycomb, polyisocyanurate foam and PET (polyethylene terephthalate), in thicknesses from 0.155” to 4” and widths up to 10 feet. All come with either one-ply or two-ply fiberglass exteriors, while other, all-custom exteriors can also be developed. UV stability and corrosion resistance can be fine tuned for specific specifications, and pigmentation can be added to formulations to color-coordinate with the rest of the RV.

“The strength-to-weight superiority and other benefits of our composite panels are going to change the face of many kinds of construction, including that of RVs,” said Gordon Frost, general manager of Vixen Composites. “The range of options we provide enable maximum creativity on the part of designers and manufacturers. For the RV industry, these kinds of panels are the building blocks for what will truly be 21st Century RVs, with capabilities and quality previously unheard of. The ‘cutting edge’ doesn’t get much sharper than this.”

For more information call Tom Conn at 574-970-1224. Vixen structural panels will be part of the Dicor Corporation booth (North Wing Lobby, Hall 2A) during the National RV Trade Show in Louisville Dec. 3 to 5.

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