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Vixen Composites introduces Vixenite™ as innovative RV wall panel solution

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Newly incorporated Vixen Composites is introducing an innovative new composite sidewall panel called Vixenite that offers many advantages for RVers and RV manufacturers. Vixen Composites is an affiliate of the Dicor Corporation, whose affiliated companies are leading suppliers to RV manufacturers and the RV aftermarket.

Vixenite composite panels are manufactured in a highly controlled, fully automated, continuous process that eliminates common variables that contribute to dimensional and performance inconsistencies and failures. The flat, composite panels can be produced at any length desired in widths up to 120 inches, with a .19-inch thickness and more thickness options to come. Vixenite panels are lighter than wood-based panels and can be supplied in any automotive paint color and clear coat. There are no discreet layers, no wood, no substrate seams, and excellent thermal and mechanical properties.

Panelogic unique proprietary process[d1]

“This is an amazing and unique proprietary process that has been more than two years in the making,” said Gordon Frost, general manager of Vixen Composites. “What our team has essentially done is take existing technology and chemistry and put them together in a revolutionary new way that yields a better composite product.”

Perhaps the biggest benefit to RV manufacturers, dealers and consumers is Vixenite’s ability to hold up to the rigors of RVing without running the risk of difficult and costly wall replacement[d2]  or repair due to wall panels bubbling, separating and internal delamination. Its structure is virtually a solid fusion of proprietary materials that are processed at over 300 degreesFahrenheit. As a result, extreme heat situations will not create the thermal effect in Vixenite that causes it to post cure, thus avoiding panel damage. Also, the manufacturing process ensures a consistent, quality finish for RV manufacturers to work with.

Frost is part of a team assembled by Vixen with extensive experience in the field of composites. Prior to his association with the Dicor Corporation, Frost worked elevenyears for Owens Corning — Fabwel Division/Crane Composites. During that tenure he served as Technical Director/Technical Leader, Manager of Research and Development, and Application Engineer. He also received the Slayter Award for Innovation for his work in developing the CTEC all-composite, wood-free, high-gloss exterior RV sidewall panel. He holds multiple U.S. patents and is Six Sigma Black Belt trained.

In-line finishing process

Another example of what Vixen’s manufacturing approach can do is a patent-pending coatings technology to ensure automotive finishes. The finish is applied in-line with no VOC’s or HAP’s, thus meeting and exceeding EPA guidelines for airborne pollution. Finishes are instantly cured with ultraviolet lights for an automotive-quality result. There is no fading, no chalking and no added lead time. This means Vixen Composites can help RV manufacturers produce full-body paint more efficiently.

”The line automation and in-line finishing procedure shortens manufacturing time considerably when compared to other composite processes,” said Frost.

Making a better RV

“Overall, the equipment is designed for dimensional and process flexibility, which, combined with our expertise in composites, allows us to address and meet many of the existing flat panel composite challenges,” said Frost.

 “As a company affiliated with Dicor Corporation, we at Vixen are dedicated to working with each of our manufacturing customers in whatever way is needed to make composites work better for their particular applications.”

A Vixenite panel and other products from Dicor Corporation brands will be on display in the Dicor Corporation booth, No.260, North Wing Lobby, at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville Nov. 30 to Dec. 2. Also visit www.dicor.com/amazingstuff.com.

 [d1]Panelogic unique proprietary process

 [d2]Add – or repair

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