Technical Data:


FibroTrans is a durable, translucent, semi-rigid fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). By using our unique polyester resin system, the product is designed and produced to allow a significant increase in daylight transmission up to 82%. FibroTrans FRP has excellent weathering characteristics and will filter most UV light waves as well as minimize heat buildup.



FibroTrans products are designed to be used for roof applications on dry van trailers, truck bodies, commercial vehicles, step vans, cargo trailers and building structures. FibroTrans FRP will improve the performance and appearance of your trailer or building, and optimize weight savings, while achieving your application-specific physical property requirements.



For installation, follow the adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations for coverage and thickness. FRP must be free of dust, moisture, particulates or other contaminates to insure a 100% bond.



FibroTrans™ is manufactured in lengths and widths as ordered.



Random chopped fiberglass reinforcement with unsaturated polyester resin, UV resistance and other additives.



Panels will have a smooth finish on the front side and are of uniform in color. Blemishes on the rear side which do not affect functional properties are not cause for rejection. Dimensions as specified are subject to the following tolerances:






Note: Protect your eyes with goggles; cover your nose and mouth with a filter mask; cover exposed skin when cutting Fibrosan® panels.

Cutting: Sheet metal shears or circular saw with reinforced carborundum or carbide-tipped blade.
Stapling: Standard pneumatic stapler.

Fabrication by hand: When drilling use high speed drill bit (60° cutting angle, with 12°-15° clearance) or hole saw.

Production fabrication: Use carbide-tipped tools. Straight cuts can be sheared (90° cutting edge with 0.002” [0.05mm] clearance) or sawed. For irregular cuts, use die punch or band saw.

Careful handling during the manufacturing process is important to ensure optimal installation. Avoid excessive clamping, dropping or scraping. Keep dry and store indoors. Storing coiled or flat FRP outdoors may interfere with the installation process.



Vixen Composites recommends all radius bends be supported by a solid substrate and does not exceed the minimum bend radius of 5.5”.


All products, when exposed to weathering and sunlight, change color over time as part of the natural aging process.


Neither Fibrosan nor Vixen Composites make any claims as to the combustibility ratings of the products listed on these data sheets. This product is not intended for interior use that requires a Class C fire rating.

All specifications are based on the latest information at the time of publication. Vixen Composites assumes no responsibility for any error in type or print reproduction in this document. Vixen Composites reserves the right to make changes in price, color, materials, equipment and specifications and to discontinue panels at any time without notice. Vixen FRP is produced and warranted by Fibrosan®. The information contained herein is approved by Fibrosan®.